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Friends of Medical Relief Foundation:

I just want to sent you a note and picture of the 1st surgery taking place in the hospital in Karatu Tanzania. It’s because of you that this was possible. Thanks for believing in us and your support thought the years: Another awesome milestone: Looking forward to many more with your continued support.

Thanks.. GP

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     Our work in Tanzania is a Medical Relief Foundation / FAME (Foundation for African Medicine and Education) Partnership. MRF board member Dr Frank Artress and his wife Susan moved to Tanzania with the purpose of establishing a small hospital in the community. Tanzania has a population of 800,000 people.  Because of a total lack of resources and equipment in the region, malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS wreak havoc on the citizens, both adult and children.

One quarter of the present generation of educated adults is HIV positive. There are more than 2 million orphans in Tanzania


  • To enhance the quality of medical care, such that individuals from all socioeconomic groups will have access to comprehensive and equitable medical care.

  • Continue to provide outreach to the villages that have no current medical care

  • With the clinic construction now complete our plans are to begin construction of the medical facility on the property this year.  This hospital will serve the local population and be a teaching facility for the rest of the country.

  • Provide a progressive approach to the treatment and prevention of diseases.

  • Provide continuing education for Tanzanian physicians.

  • Provide rotating coverage of specialty care physicians from around the world. 

  • To build a diagnostic laboratory to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease.

Karatu Medical Facility - A project to build and equip a hospital and teaching facility in Karatu, Tanzania.   The facility will be located on an 18-acre piece of land accessible by foot and vehicle, even in the rainy season.  The current clinic and future hospital site sit in a peaceful and quiet setting, an environment conducive to healing and surrounded by unsurpassed natural beauty. In a country where an estimated one out of every six children will die before the age of 5 and one-third of the population is expected to die before the age of 40, MRF will be contributing to a vital and worthwhile endeavor.

Outreach and Mobile Clinic Project - MRF will be working collaboratively with FAME and child-centered organizations focused on the needs of orphaned and abandoned children in the Karatu area.  The goal to help provide medical care to this growing population of children and to also facilitate a system of care focused on orphan prevention.

Building a well - With the financial assistance from the Rotary Club of Modesto, MRF and FAME, the first fresh water well in now in place on the property.  This well provides water for the clinic as well as for the local citizens and has played a significant role in reducing the levels of waterborne disease including intestinal worms and giardia.