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    Partnership: Tanzania       

Mobile Clinic & Volunteer Program


The Mobile Medical Clinic provided medical areas, 979 of whom suffered from Malaria, 20 years old. Our Mobile Medical Service has resulted with the District Medical Officer who has supplied epilepsy medications we need for the Mobile Medications for both malaria and epilepsy are medical facilities, but the government does not to reach some of the most remote populations Medical Team.


Our Volunteer Program has finally begun volunteers donating their time and expertise majority of these individuals have been medical and Nurses). The few non-medical volunteers were assigned “special projects” during their support. care to 3,801 people living in remote 20% of whom were children under five in a very positive collaboration us with all the malaria and Medical Service at no charge. technically free from government always have the human resources such as those served by our Mobile to take shape this year, with 15 during the course of 2009. The professionals (i.e. Doctors, PA’s who spent time with us in 2009 stay (e.g. IT support, Mobile Medical support.