"Enhancing the Level of Care in Developing Countries"  


  Partnership:   Tanzania    
      New Laboratory      

The Izumi funded Laboratory construction project is nearing completion.  These expanded laboratory capabilities will enable us to not only reliably diagnose and treat many of the most common ailments affecting the population (e.g., Malaria, Worms, Complex Diarrheal Diseases, etc.), but also to run chemistry profiles on the following: Liver Profile, Renal Profile, Cardiac Profile, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function, Hormone Levels and Cancer Markers.  This will greatly enhance our laboratory capabilities and enable us to identify many disease processes that frequently go undetected. The new lab will enable us to better manage conditions like Diabetes, Heart, Liver, Kidney and Thyroid Disease. The District is also expressing a strong interest in designating our lab as an official HIV/AIDS testing/treatment site.  As such, we would need to be equipped to run CD4 counts on HIV/AIDS patients.