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Jamaica - West Indies 







*Updates January 2017*


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The Medical Relief Foundation's healthcare development project in Jamaica, West Indies, consists of both specific short-term goals as well as a long-term vision for comprehensive medical improvements.   Our efforts have had an initial focus on assisting the country's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system.


Originally dedicated to Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) training and certification of the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, this effort is now expanding to also include assistance to volunteer ambulances, hospital-based emergency responders, and the country's Accident and Emergency Departments.


It is understandable why Jamaica has become a popular tourist attraction.  The country has pristine white sand beaches, beautiful rain forests, a tropical climate, majestic mountains, delicious cuisine, diversified music, and a fascinating history.  The clear warm, azure waters contain beautiful coral reefs which provide an endless source of fresh seafood.  Christopher Columbus described Jamaica as "the fairest land my eyes ever beheld".  While most Jamaicans are not affluent, a happier, kinder, or more appreciative population would be difficult to find.  Despite all of these gifts, however, Jamaica faces significant logistical difficulties.


The public healthcare system in Jamaica is constrained by fiscal realities associated with Jamaica's relatively short history as an independent nation, the absence of contiguous physical borders with trading partners, the lack of energy independence, a relatively low per-capita income and a large national debt.   Despite these very real economic challenges, Jamaica's government has taken the moral high ground of offering universal healthcare to all of its citizens.


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