Global Surgery


TCI Defibrillators and AEDs


TCI Shipment 2


Global Surgery thumb

TCI Defibrillators & AEDs thumb

TCI Shipment 2 thumb


A photo of some of the equipment brought to Toronto to assist Global Surgery’s efforts in Jamaica


Some of the equipment that was in the two large shipments of equipment sent to the Turks and Caicos Islands EMS prior to travelling there


The second shipment of equipment transported to NY City from Syracuse, NY and shipped to the Turks and Caicos Islands EMS




Mandeville Hospital


TCI EMS Thank You




Mandeville Hospital thumb

TCI EMS Thank You thumb

Backboards thumb


Administration of Mandeville Hospital after recently receiving a Zoll monitor-defibrillator-pacemaker shipped to Jamaica by Food for the Poor


The EMTs from Grand Turk expressing gratitude following the equipment deliveries and training class from me 


30 backboards and straps which were shipped to the Jamaican Consulate in Toronto to be shipped to Jamaica




Congressional Tribute


Equipment, pre-shipping


Hurricane Sandy Shipment


Congressional Tribute thumb

Equipment Pre-Shipping thumb

Hurricane Sandy thumb


A copy of the Congressional Tribute from the US House of Representatives  delivered on

May 14


Brand-new medical equipment that I purchased from Welch Allyn and Hear to Heart International being packaged at my workplace prior to being brought in extra baggage to the Jamaica Fire Brigade and Jamaican hospitals


Some of the medical equipment, flashlights and batteries that were distributed in Jamaica within 36 hours of hurricane Sandy striking the island


Jamaica Red Cross


Katko, Dave and Parents


Bringing 2 shipments to Toronto


Jamaica Red Cross thumb

Katco, Dave and Parents thumb

Bringing 2 Shipments to Toronto thumb


Equipment delivered to the Jamaica Red Cross headquarters in Spanish Town, Jamaica following Hurricane Sandy


Congressman John Katko, me and my parents at the ceremony where The House of Representatives tribute for my Caribbean activities was presented by Congressman John Katko


This is a photo of my white SUV and MRF volunteer Paul Swan’s Silver Toyota Tacoma (Paul, a former EMT that I worked with in NYC has helped on 5 trips to Jamaica) crossing the St. Lawrence River (between the USA and Canada) bringing two vehicles crammed with medical equipment to Toronto to be shipped to Jamaica from the Jamaican Consulate in Toronto.