"Enhancing the Level of Care in Developing Countries"


    Partnership: Iraq       


MRF is working to bring a delegation of Iraqi Phycians to California at the end-of-this year.  We hope to establish a long-term relationship with the Diwaniyah region in Iraq.  We have been coordinating our efforts with Dr. Bassim, a senior physician at the College of Medicine, University of Al Qadisiyah.  Dr. Bassim is interested in developing the region’s emergency medical delivery capabilities, there is also a tremendous need for education, training and support for emergency medical services in Iraq and the Iraqis are   reaching out for International medical support. 



Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital is the only hospital for trauma patients in Diwaniyah province. The average monthly case load is 10,000 patients with 452 bed capacity. Diwaniyah province is located about 200km to the south of the capital, Baghdad. Population is approximately 1,000,000.


Future Plans TBA