"Enhancing the Level of Care in Developing Countries"

    Partnership: Nejo, Ethiopia       

Wish List of Medical Equipment & Supplies for Nejo Hospital

Gloves (Small, Medium, and Large)

Protective gowns for staff

Syringes with and without needles

Needles (different sizes/gauges)

IV start kits

Butter fly needles for Phlebotomists

X-ray viewing Light

Portable X-ray Machine

Ultrasound machine

Anesthesia machine

Plastic and paper tape

Gauze rolls, 4x4, 2x2’s

KY jelly

Pediatrics blood pressure cuff

Automatic blood pressure machines

Vitals signs machine with Pulse oxi

Thermometers and probes

Infant weighing scale

Mask (surgical and N-95)

Occult blood testing supplies

Sharps container


Minor surgical kits

Foley Catheter (different sizes)

Urine test strips

Aspirator (Bulb Syringe)


Percussion hammers

Pen Light


Alcohol Swabs



Hospital Bed/mattresses

Medical Refrigerator