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    Partnership: Nejo, Ethiopia       

Medical Relief Foundation

Mission Trip 21 Video


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In 2009, MRF volunteer Kidist Bitew returned to her home of Nejo, Ethiopia to evaluate the hospital in her hometown. The final conclusions of her humanitarian mission would astound anyone that is unfamiliar with medicine in third world countries. The desperate need for every type of medical supply, both small and large-from needles to beds was extreme. Education in medical safety and ways to prevent the spread of disease’s such as TB to patients or staff is practically non-existent.



Plans for 2010


MRF plans to go back to Nejo this October. There is so much to do, so many people to help and lives to save, the unsolicited thanks and smiles of those benefiting from our help encourages us to want to do more.  The hospital is in desperate need of any type of medical supply & equipment.  We are confident that we can get most of the supplies; the cost of shipping is what remains a challenge. Currently shipping costs to Africa are approximately $10,000 for a 40 foot container.  Please donate now, so that we can help these deserving people.